Operation Process

The Re- Rolling Stands -

The re-rolling mill is having six stands of 3 high with advanced three high pinion gears & reduction gears. The system is based on modern advanced technologies so as to reduce cost of production and to give accuracy in re-rolling steel sections.

The Furnace -

The re-heating furnace is oil fired with zonal heating systems. Most advanced technologies were put in to use in making the furnace. For conservation of energy highly efficient insulators such as ceramic wools, high alumina bricks were used in the construction of the furnace. It is also fitted with heat recovery recouperator for fast heating. Due to application of modern technique we were able to make the consumption of fuel to very low level. The furnace is so designed that the heat energy produced is considerably utilized for heating of raw materials. The raw materials such as pencil ingots, billets, slabs, Blooms, which are cut to size before loading to the furnace are pushed in to the furnace by electro mechanically operated pushers. The temperature inside the furnace is constantly maintained so as to get product quality.

Testing -

This mill has its own Testing Laboratory equipped with latest testing machines which test raw materials to finished products tirelessly to achieve high quality standards without any compromises.

Straightening Machine -

This machine used to straighten structures. It is having 10 horizontally aligned rolls of specific size to straighten the required structures. Thus the finishing quality of the products become very fine.

Cooling bed -

The unit is having scientifically designed cooling bed for Keeping the finished products immediately after re-rolling to avoid deformation. It is an air circulated cooling bed.

Shearing Machine -

The unit adopted to use shearing machine for sizing of the finished products in length so as to get uniform sizing at ends. This will give good uniform look to the products.