Since the production has been managed by the most scientific and technical devices, the entire process helps in maintaining best quality end products controlling the cost of production to reach the consumer on most reasonable and competitive prices through the country vide marketing set up. Well organized and experienced professionals were appointed to interact with the consumers at any time. The unit is situated in the heart of the country having all infra structure facilities and are connected by rail, road and air. Now Raipur the capital city of Chhattisgarh is having all facilities for accessing with other parts of the country. There is every facility for the consumers to contact with the unit by way of e-mail, fax, telephone, etc. Almost all the Nationalized and leading private banks have their branches at Raipur. In this area labour relations are very peaceful power availability is smooth and normal and surroundings are also very suited for the industries. The unit is also engaged highly paid professionals who were highly motivated and geared to face any challenges. Hence there is every facility to execute the delivery schedule in time. The conditions in Raipur will satisfy the consumers in every angle.
 The unit has very vital technical and locational advantage as it is situated in Chhattisgarh area where power, raw materials, water, man power, road and rails access and all such other utilities a industry must have exists. More over than this the unit is promoted by a Group of young energetic, experienced, technocrats who posses administrative and technical as well as marketing skills. The Structural rolling mill will positively and technical as well as marketing skills. The structural rolling mill will positively met the demands of the market and will satisfy its consumers through out the country by way of it quality and service.
 As it is clear that the MILL is being promoted by a few young energetic experienced technocrats having diversified experience in their respective fields and being technically and commercially supported by the most reputed companies. The promoters have long-standing credit of commercial experience as executives. The project has a very vital technical advantage of being located in the Chhattisgarh Region, the greatest one of them is abundance of power. Raw-materials, Man-power and all other Utilities at easy terms and in abundance. With the growing rate of industrialization, the NAV DURGA ROLLING MILL promises to fulfill the demand of the consumers throughout the country.